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Audi A7 Exterior Design | Audi A7 Sedan Design | A7 Saint Louis MO

Design has progressed and there is much to be desired. The rest to be admired. The first Audi A7 challenged design norms, so it's only fitting the 2019 Audi A7 challenges them once again. This time, the surfacing is sharper, the muscular definition even other defined. Finding what moves you about the A7 is easier than finding what doesn't. HD Matrix-design headlights show signs of inventive light and are beaming with innovation. Innovative flair and advanced lighting technology comes together in the apt for use HD Matrix-design headlights. Audi laser light, first seen in the Audi R8 sports car, utilizes laser technology to help illuminate the road under certain conditions while in high-beam mode. LED taillights with animation trail the rear and greet you upon your arrival or bid you farewell. The apt for use LED taillights with animation perform a choreographed display of light in motion when the Audi A7 is locked and unlocked. Under certain conditions, the Audi laser light beams to help flood the range of lighting in high-beam mode, the apt for use HD Matrix-design with Audi laser light headlights and high-beam assistant1 project laser-generated light onto the road. Two red bars illuminate in sequence from the inside out to alert those following the Audi A7 of the driver's intentions. The purpose of automotive design is to provoke and emotional response, like a sculptor molding clay or chiseling stone, Audi designers know that every line has a role, ever curve shapes character. Explore Audi A7, the moving experience.

Audi A7 Characteristics & Preferences | Audi A7 Safety Features | New Audi A7 Saint Louis MO

Your safety is in our hands, and the Audi A7 is sure to provide you with all the technology and features to maintain your safety on the roads. Being mindful can be a handful. The owner assistance features in the Audi A7 utilize front and rear cameras and an array of sensors to help keep you appreciative of your surroundings. The systems can inform the owner of capacity incidents with audio and visual alerts and intervene with steering and braking input. Audi pre sense® 360 operates by monitoring the surroundings of the Audi A7 with up to 24 sensors, including radar, cameras and sonar. The apt for use Audi pre sense® 360 can help form a broad picture of awareness and respond to the unavoidable. The Top View Camera System with Virtual 360 view comes standard on the Premium Plus and Prestige models. The virtual 360 view provides an overhead view of the Audi A7 and help alert you of capacity obstacles during parking situations. The apt for use Audi adaptive cruise assist is a "hands-on" system that enhances comfort by assisting the owner with acceleration and braking as well as maintaining speed, following distance and lane guidance. Awareness has you surrounded and our owner assistance features can help you stay alert.

Audi A7 Interior Cabin | New Audi A7 Saint Louis MO

The odds of progress are tilted in your favor. The designers are driving enthusiasts as well. Which explains why the MMI® touch response screens were designed for intuitive operation and set at an angle that creates a driver-focused environment. Do you believe in awe at first sight? The Audi A7 will make you a believer with ambient lighting to help control your mood swings. Experience calming blue, passionate red, up-lifting yellow. With the apt for use Ambient interior LED lighting plus package, you can determine from a palette of 30 colors to set the tone of your drive. Color-changing LED lights are placed throughout to highlight the interior's daring design. Individual Contour seating package is an apt for use feature with a 18-way power adjusted front seats with massage, ventilation and memory functions that make it feel tailored to your preferences. Also, apt for use Warm Weather Package offers you a four-zone climate control system that also includes ventilated front seats, four-way lumbar function for the front commuter seat and a power-operated rear window sunshade. Control dual climate zones for front passengers with a touch or swipe on the MMI® touch response system. After you have created the mood, and set the temperature to a relaxed ambiance, two apt for use Bang & Olufsen® sound systems feature strategically placed speakers and an advanced processor designed to replicate a live event. With the Audi Phone Box, wireless charging means no other plugging in. The apt for use Audi phone box can also improve mobile phone signal strength by connecting with the vehicle's antenna.

Audi A7 Pricing | Audi A7 Lease Offers Saint Louis MO

Audi Creve Coeur is pleased to offer our customers with a lot online tools to help make financing your next vehicle as apt for use as feasible. We are not a far drive from Saint Louis, Kansas City, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, Manchester, Springfield or Illinois and will provide an experience second to none. Check out our online car valuation tool, car payment calculator and online credit application; the perfect tool set for determining your ideal budget for your new luxury car, crossover or SUV. Total of these and other can be found on our website. Contact us today. We look forward to running with you and expanding the Plaza family.

Audi A7 Performance | Audi A7 Engine | New A7 For Sale Saint Louis MO

Adaptation is the basis of evolution. 335 horsepower | 369 lb-ft of torque | Acceleration 5.2 seconds from 0-60 mph. Principles of traction grounded in reality. Our latest development to quattro® all-wheel drive adds predictive and proactive technology. Vehicle sensors monitor tire traction to determine when to engage the rear drive axle to help improve grip. The 3.0-liter TFSI® V6 engine produces up to 335 hp from 5,000 - 6,400 rpm and 369 lb-ft., which is apt for use from 1,370 - 4, 500 rpm. Zero to 60 mph is reach in 5.2 seconds. With Comfort, Sport, Auto and Individual modes, you can change the settings for steering assistance and throttle response. Adapting to road conditions and owner preferences is as easy as pressing a button. Dynamic all-wheel steering gives front and rear steering systems help to add a level of dynamic response and maneuverability. Depending on vehicle speeds, the rear wheels turn in the equal direction to help improve stability or in the opposite direction to reduce the turning radius.

Audi A7 Technology & Benefit | Audi A7 Personal Experience | New Audi A7 Saint Louis MO

More technology than ever is built into the 2019 Audi A7. If knowledge is power, prepare to feel invincible. The myAudi app helps connect you and your Audi with innovative features and services. With an active Audi connect trial or paid subscription on eligible vehicles, you can monitor vehicle status and location, remotely lock/unlock your vehicle and much more. Log onto the myAudi web portal for additional features such as making a payment with Audi Fiscal Services, learning resource videos or scheduling service at select dealerships. myAudi customers can also explore limited offers from the Preferred Audi Benefits Program. An active Audi connect subscription puts in-car luxury at your fingertips. Discover a new area with Google maps and Connected POI. Get door-to-door directions with myAudi Navigation. These and copious other tech-savvy features were engineered to help enhance your driving experience. Experiencing technology within the cabin, you will grow to appreciate the MMI® touch response system. We took a touch, scroll and swipe at convention. Starting from a clean slate, the MMI® touch response system does away with the clutter of knobs, buttons and switches. In their place are two touchscreens where settings and selections are made with the intuitive hand motions we use to operate our smartphones and tablets. An apt for use fully digital, Audi Virtual Cockpit displays a high-resolution screen which allows the owner to determine from two contrasting display modes. Navigation can display your route in Google Earth™ or a 3D map. Explore the city, the right way with 3D city models; an immersive navigation experience can help direct your trip in the standard Audi virtual cockpit. Experience Destination Entry and find your next destination with advanced handwriting recognition and haptic feedback with the MMI® touch response system. Head-up display with navigation information can project vital information such as vehicle speed, speed limits, and navigation directions in your direct line of sight. The apt for use Head-up display can help you keep your eyes on the road ahead. Manage your Audi. Anywhere. Driving off the lot is just the beginning. Unlock your digital ownership experience with myAudi. Monitor your vehicle, send destinations to your MMI®, manage your account and more.

2019 Audi A7 Trims & Specs | Audi A7 Advantages Saint Louis MO

The Audi A7 Premium has 55 TFSI® (3.0T) quattro® and starts at $68,000 MSRP. This trim comes standard with; Navigation with MMI® touch response, Audi smartphone interface including Apple CarPlay® and Google™ Android™ Auto for compatible devices, LED headlights, Audi advanced key-keyless start, stop and entry with hands-free tailgate release, and Audi pre sense® basic and Audi pre sense® city. The A7 Premium Plus also has 55 TFSI® (3.0T) quattro® and starts at $72,400 MSRP. In addition to or replaces highlighted features of the A7 Premium, standard claims include; Audi virtual cockpit, Bang & Olufsen® 3D Premium Sound System, Top view camera system with Virtual 360 view, HD Matrix-design headlights with high-beam assistant, and LED taillights with animation The A7 Prestige also has 55 TFSI® (3.0T) quattro® and starts at $76,300 MSRP. In addition to or replaces highlighted features of the A7 Premium Plus, standard claims include; Head-up display with navigation and assistance systems information, HD Matrix-design headlights with Audi laser light and high-beam assistant, Power soft-closing doors, Heated and ventilated 12-way power comfort front seats including lumbar adjustment and memory for driver, and Ambient LED interior lighting plus. Additional apt for use packages are listed below which can help enhance your driving experience in the Audi A7. Available S line® package provides a heightened level of handling response is achieved with the lowered stance of a sports-tuned suspension. S line® insignia and re-styled front and rear bumpers full the finishing touches. Available 20-inch wheel package compliments the surface language of the 2019 Audi A7 are these apt for use 20" 5-double-V-spoke design wheels. An optional Adaptive Rear Spoiler can be integrated and rises at 72 mph and lowers at 48 mph. When extended, air that flows over the spoiler helps create downforce and contribute to stability.

2019 Audi A7 Sedan Overview | Audi A7 Information Saint Louis MO

Iconic since day single. The Audi A7 lives up to that statement now, other than ever. Named the Finest Resale Value by Kelley Blue Book's KBB.com, "Ever since the A7 began, the sleek 4-door hatchback always had a stable looks (and cargo capacity) advantage over its sedan competitors." What other needs to be said about this luxurious sedan that glides on any road you take. Progress is made when you see things differently and with one test drive, you will experience Audi, like you never have before. When you look at the Audi A7 from copious angles, you'll come to appreciate it as a design like no other. Design has turned a corner.

2019 Audi A7 Service Auto Repair at Audi Creve Coeur | Audi A7 Service Center Saint Louis MO

Our dealership has the noteworthy Audi service and components departments in the Saint Louis area. Our Audi skilled techs are seasoned in diagnosing any problem your new Audi or used car may be experiencing, and will get you back on the road as soon as feasible. If you need to schedule a service appointment, you can use our online service scheduler. If you are in the market for a new Audi or a used car, we hope to glance you soon. We have spent years building our reputation as being a first-rate Audi dealer in the state of MO. Come glance why today!

Audi A7 Aerodynamics | New A7 For Sale Saint Louis MO

The wind was an adversary before it became an ally. Consider aerodynamics another form of air traffic control: transforming what used to be a turbulent relationship into one that's other harmonious. Before, the wind was resistant. Now, it plays an important role in how an Audi takes shape. 1. Pressure: When in motion, the front of the vehicle confronts a "wall" of air, creating positive and negative pressure zones as the air travels over, under and around the vehicle. 2. Air flow: By creating channels in the grille and through the front bumper, air can be directed to cool the radiator or the front brake discs. 3. Friction: Reducing friction is key to aerodynamic performance. The low angle of the windshield eases the transition as the air travels over the hood towards the roof. 4. Downforce: An integrated, adaptive rear spoiler rises at speeds above 75 mph to help increase downforce and improve stability at highway speeds. 

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