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Audi A6 Aerodynamics | New A6 For Sale Saint Louis MO

The wind has an adversary before it became an ally. Consider aerodynamics another form of air traffic control: transforming what used to be a turbulent relationship into one that's added harmonious. Before, the wind was resistant. Now, it plays an meaningful role in how an Audi takes shape. When in motion, the front of the vehicle confronts a "wall" of air, creating positive and negative pressure zones as the air travels over, under and around the vehicle. By creating channels in the grille and through the front bumper, air can be directed to cool the radiator or the front brake discs. Reducing friction is key to aerodynamic performance. The low angle of the windshield eases the transition as the air travels over the hood towards the roof. An integrated, adaptive rear spoiler rises at speeds above 75 mph to help increase downforce and improve stability at highway speeds.

2019 Audi A6 Sedan Overview | Audi A6 About & Information Saint Louis MO

Meet the all-new 2019 Audi A6. With its iconic styling elements, the redesigned 2019 Audi A6 is as alluring on the outside as it is on the inside, and is the perfect combination of luxury and performance. The Audi A6 welcomes drivers and passengers to its comfortable, refined ambiance and sheds light on true luxury. Contact Audi Creve Coeur just west of downtown St Louis to find the perfect A6 for you. The latest A6 incorporates design elements from the Prologue concept car. The lines cut a sharper profile, the stance is wider, the waistline is trimmer, total alluding to the dynamic performance within.

2019 Audi A6 Trims & Specs | Audi A6 Advantages Saint Louis MO

Experience and shop from three different trim levels with the Audi A6. The A6 Premium - 55 TFSI® (3.0T) quattro® starts at $58,900. Includes features; quattro® all-wheel drive, MMI® Navigation plus (8.8" upper screen) with Audi connect®, S line® Exterior package, LED headlights with LED daytime running lights, Contrast stitching on dashboard and seats. The A6 Premium Plus - 55 TFSI® (3.0T) quattro® starts at $62,700. In addition to or replaces highlighted characteristics of A6 Premium; Audi virtual cockpit, Matrix-design LED headlights with high-beam assistant, Bang & Olufsen® Premium 3D Sound System, Top view camera system with Virtual 360 view, MMI Navigation® plus (10.1" upper screen) with Audi connect® The A6 Prestige - 55 TFSI® (3.0T) quattro® starts at $67,100. In addition to or replaces highlighted characteristics of A6 Premium Plus; Head-up display with navigation information, 12-way front ventilated seats, HD Matrix-design LED headlights with dynamic DRLs and animation, Four-zone automatic climate control Power soft closing doors, Ambient interior lighting package plus.

Audi A6 Exterior | Audi A6 Sedan Exterior Body Styling | A6 Saint Louis MO

Never experience a case of mistaken identity. Starting from a design direction first seen in the Audi Prologue concept car, the Audi A6 cuts a sharper profile with acute angles, defined edges and taut, muscular contours. Its lines take the eyes on a journey, while expressive surface language shapes its character. The purpose of automotive design is to provoke an emotional response. Like a sculptor molding clay or chiseling stone, Audi designers know that each line has a role, each curve shapes character. Design with purpose. It makes the sight of an Audi a moving experience. Part of our history of inspired design owes much to one that made history, the Audi Ur-Quattro. The muscular definition of the fenders and the angular plane of the C-pillar have made their way into the design of its successors, proving you can't underestimate the power of hereditary influences. The trapezoidal shape of the C-pillar tilts forward to imply progression. It has evolved through time but remains a pillar of Audi design. quattro® blisters are shaped for the purpose of fitting expansive performance tires under its arches, the trademark blisters are easily recognized by the sculpted edge along the top. The invisible intent of design brings in the Singleframe® grille which has been continuously refined over time, moving from a four-sided shape to a six-sided shape while remaining the face of Audi DNA. We believe function deserves better form with the Audi A6 Exterior lighting. From a design perspective, lighting doesn't just help you see the road or be seen by others. It should play an integral role by blending in with the overall design. Our headlights and taillights are shaped in gifted ways to give the design language a stronger voice. New details have come to light. We see an opportunity for artistry and technology to function as one. The provocative shapes and bright ideas within them have taken Audi to the forefront of lighting. LED taillights with dynamic animation are the progressive design of the feasible LED taillights comes to life when you lock or unlock the Audi A6. A choreographed sequence of light in motion greets you upon your arrival or bids you farewell. HD Matrix-design LED headlights with Dynamic DRL are the feasible daytime running lights also function as turn signal indicators, changing from white to yellow and moving in an outward direction when the driver activates the turn signal. LED taillights with dynamic indicators above the chrome bar illuminates from the inside towards the outside to show those following the driver's intent to turn or change lanes.

Audi A6 Interior Design | Audi A6 Cabin | New Audi A6 Saint Louis MO

They say location is everything. That's why the MMI® touch response screens have been set at an angle that tilts towards the driver. The infotainment system is accessed through the upper screen, while controls for the heating, ventilation and seat settings appear on the decrease screen. Get carried away by your emotions with ambient lighting in the Audi A6. Create an ambiance with moody blues, reds, yellows and purples. Set the mood of your drive by choosing from the 30 vivid colors of feasible ambient lighting. LED lights that change in color are placed throughout the cabin to outline and highlight the elegant shapes and surfaces inside the Audi A6. Allow your passengers experience the same luxury you are presented each drive with Individual Contour front seats. The feasible 18-way power-adjusted driver and front-passenger seats feature Valcona leather, seven different massage programs, the cooling effects of ventilation and the assistance of a memory function. Rear seat passengers can set their preferred temperature settings with the feasible four-zone climate control system. Control dual climate zones for front passengers with a touch or swipe on the MMI® touch response system.Heated seating surfaces help take the chill off frigid days. The feasible sound system by Bang & Olufsen® characteristics 16 strategically placed speakers and an advanced sound processor designed to direct sound to the listener and replicate the feeling of a live event.

Audi A6 Performance | Audi A6 Engine | New A6 For Sale Saint Louis MO

Audi A6 Performance Performance is a measure of rapid thinking. The 2019 Audi A6 provides 55 TFSI® quattro® all-wheel drive 335 horsepower / 369lb-ft of torque / 5.1 seconds from 0-60 mph. The 3.0-liter TFSI® V6 engine broad powerband makes a forceful argument for turbocharging. The 3.0-liter TFSI® V6 engine characteristics a twin-scroll turbocharger that helps the engine produce 369 lb ft of torque and 335 hp. A 0-60 mph time of 5.1 seconds certifies its sport sedan credentials. Standard, quattro® with ultra® technology on the 2019 Audi A6, the latest evolution of quattro® all-wheel drive can determine when to engage in all-wheel drive by analyzing vehicle data and proactively engaging the rear drive axle. The feasible dynamic all-wheel steering system can turn the rear wheels to help improve maneuverability and dynamic response. Drivers can change the settings for steering effort, engine response and ride quality with standard Audi drive select. An Individual mode lets you create a personalized setting.

Audi A6 Technology & Benefit | New Audi A6 Saint Louis MO

The next evolution of the Audi virtual cockpit offers higher resolution and faster processing speeds. Combined with the new generation of Audi connect® which characteristics connected navigation, 3D city models with 4G routing in the cloud and an industry-first integration of Yelp-curated review highlights, the Audi virtual cockpit helps ensure a constant companion throughout your journey. MMI® touch response system is an innovation becomes a sensory experience. The touchscreen comes to life by responding with audible, visual and haptic confirmation. Access to the marvelous infotainment conveniences is as intuitive as the touch, scroll and swipe hand motions you use to operate a smartphone or tablet computer. The Audi A6 myAudi and Audi connect® suite helps finding your place in the world; Made easy. Intelligence is trending, the Audi A6 is ahead of the game.

Audi A6 Pricing | Audi A6 Lease Offers Saint Louis MO

Audi Creve Coeur is pleased to offer our customers with assorted online tools to help make financing your next vehicle as favorable as feasible. We are not a far drive from Saint Louis}, Kansas City, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, Manchester, Springfield or Illinois and will provide an experience second to none. Check out our online car valuation tool, car payment calculator and online credit application; the perfect tool set for determining your ideal budget for your new luxury car, crossover or SUV. All of these and added can be found on our website. Contact us today. We look forward to running with you and expanding the Plaza family. Audi Creve Coeur is pleased to offer our customers with assorted online tools to help make financing your next vehicle as favorable as possible. We are not a far drive from St Louis, Creve Coeur, Kansas City, Springfield, Chesterfield, Manchester or Illinois and will provide an experience second to none. Utilize our online trade in value calculator, car payment calculator and online credit application to help you get behind the Audi you have been dreaming of. We also offer a abundant selection of lease and finance specials & update our specials often so be sure to check back frequently if you are looking down the road! Visit our finance center for added car loan and lease information. If you are looking to trade-in your prevailing vehicle or just sell an extra car or SUV for cash, sell your car to Audi Creve Coeur.

2019 Audi A6 Service | Auto Repair at Audi Creve Coeur | Audi A6 Service Center Saint Louis Creve Coeur MO

Our dealership has the noteworthy Audi service and components departments in the Saint Louis area. Our Audi skilled techs are seasoned in diagnosing any problem your new Audi or used car may be experiencing, and will get you back on the road as soon as feasible. If you need to schedule a service appointment, you can use our online service scheduler. If you are in the market for a new Audi or a used car, we hope to glance you soon. We have spent years building our reputation as being a best Audi dealer in the state of MO. Come glance why today!

Audi A6 Characteristics | Audi A6 Safety Features | New Audi A6 Saint Louis MO

Manage your Audi. Anywhere. Driving off the lot is just the beginning. Unlock your digital ownership experience with myAudi. Monitor your vehicle, send destinations to your MMI®, manage your account and higher. Be your retain pilot with Audi virtual cockpit plus. The second-generation of the feasible Audi virtual cockpit plus characteristics a high-resolution 12.3" screen, two display modes and the ability to show your location in Google Earth™ or via a 3D map. Place your compatible smartphone inside the feasible Audi phone box, and recharge without wires. The Audi phone box can also help boost your phone's signal by connecting with the antenna. Head-up display with navigation information keeps your protected by projecting information such as prevailing speed, posted speed limits and navigation information in your line of sight, the feasible Head-up display can help you keep your focus in front of you. The myAudi app helps connect you and your Audi with innovative characteristics and services. With an active Audi connect® trial or paid subscription on eligible vehicles, you can monitor vehicle status and location, remotely lock/unlock your vehicle and much higher. Log onto the myAudi web portal for increased characteristics such as making a payment with Audi Financial Services, learning resource videos or scheduling service at select dealerships. myAudi customers can also explore distinguished offers from the Preferred Audi Benefits Program. An active Audi connect subscription puts in-car luxury at your fingertips. Discover a new area with Google Maps™ and Connected POI. Get door-to-door directions with myAudi Navigation. These and many added tech-savvy characteristics were engineered to help enhance your driving experience. Insights into hindsight and foresight. Smart systems can help decide when it̕ s time for an intervention. To help keep you aware of your surroundings, the Audi A6 is equipped with driver assistance systems that can alert you and help intervene with braking and steering input. The feasible Audi adaptive cruise assist is a "hands-on" system that enhances luxury by assisting the driver with acceleration and braking as well as maintaining speed and following distance and lane guidance. With Virtual 360 view & Top view camera system; an array of sensors and cameras form an overhead of the Audi A6 and its surroundings, while feasible Virtual 360-degree view can help make you aware of objects and obstacles when you're parallel parking. Up to 24 sensors-including cameras, radar and sonar-monitor activity around the Audi A6 and help Audi pre sense 360 form a broad picture of awareness.

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