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Why do I need a 4-Wheel Alignment

A four-wheel alignment can help you to save money over the life of your vehicle. By getting an alignment, you'll experience a vehicle that drives straighter and more smoothly. A properly aligned vehicle also has tires that tend to wear more evenly. When your tires don't wear evenly, you may experience a situation in which one tire becomes significantly weaker and is prone to blowouts. When you get your tires aligned every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, you can reduce the potential for these hazards.

Tire and Alignment Service St. Louis

The longer you wait for an alignent the greater the chance of more damage to your vehicle. A properly aligned set of tires will run more efficiently. This puts less stress on your engine, which can help you to get better fuel efficiency. When your vehicle is running properly, you'll experience less vibration at high speeds. The vehicle is also able to stop more effectively with properly aligned tires. A common belief is that the tires are aligned as part of any tire service or rotation service. Since an alignment doesn't need to be performed as often as a tire rotation, this isn't always the case. Consult with one of our mechanics to ensure you stay on a proper maintenance schedule.

Alignemnt service in St,. Louis | Audi Alignment

When you bring your vehicle to our service center, you get certified professionals who know how to work on all makes and models of vehicles. Audi Creve Coeur regularly performs alignment services on customer vehicles, and we have the experience necessary to ensure your alignment is done properly. Our updated service center can provide you with superior equipment and value-added services. When you get your vehicle checked out, we'll make sure everything is running as it should and notify you of any issues.

Quick Alignment St. Louis | Audi Tire Balance Creve Coeur

We have the parts MEANT for your car. We offer only the highest quality original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts for your vehicle, rather than using third-party aftermarket parts. OEM parts give you the confidence that comes with the manufacturers and designers who created your vehicle in the first place - don't count on aftermarket suppliers when you could be taking advantage of the original creators' expertise on the subject. At Audi Creve Coeur, we believe in offering high quality work whose effects last long after you pull out of the shop, and that high quality extends to the parts that we actually use on your vehicle as well.